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SCE Meliteus

Production and marketing of products

Our love for the rich Greek land and for this wonderful insect guides us in our effort to produce products of superior quality. With respect to tradition and trust in the new generation we offer with the same enthusiasm.

We are a group of five experienced beekeepers, who unite us, on the one hand the respect for nature and the gifts it offers us, on the other hand to the consumer, who is looking for a quality honey.

For this reason we produce organic honey of excellent quality.

We founded Meliteus, the Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) for the production and marketing of bee products, because we saw the gap that exists in the creation of cooperative models in the field of beekeeping, but also in the growing demand for organic beekeeping products.

Our ambition is for Meliteus to grow up and accept into its family beekeepers who have the same philosophy as us.

Based on our love for honey and bee protection

Our philosophy

The basis of our philosophy is in the good cooperation and coexistence with the fellow farmer-cultivator, with whom we are united by our love for the land and its products. The bee with its behavior, shows us the way of communication and cooperation. Let's follow it.

Our purpose

We aim at promoting Greek beekeeping and beehive products, so that the consumer can discover flavors and gastronomic experiences offered by pure local honey, as well as traditional recipes based on high quality beekeeping products.

We look forward to a sustainable environment, where the bee has a primary role in its existence and continuity.

Our vision

Our vision is to CENTER the interest of the local and wider community for beekeeping and its products, so that people get stuck in the wonderful world of the hive, like honey on a slice of sourdough bread.


Our love for the good Greek honey is a common axis

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